My Route

I finally finished planning my route across America. It was kinda tough with only the two end points to work with and having to go over every mile to make sure the road seemed safe to run on. But Google maps was extremely helpful and now I’m finished! There may be some minor changes from here on out, but this is a rough idea of my route. Below I listed all major (or minor) cities that I’ll run through or near and the day that I’ll be there. I haven’t decided on a schedule or starting date yet, so the days aren’t specific but that will all be worked out later. At this time if anyone lives in or knows someone in these cities who would like to run with me let me know and we can start coordinating that. Also, If you want a more detailed picture of a specific day let me know and I can hook you up.

Day City
1 Los Angeles, CA
3 Hesperia, CA
4 Victorville, CA
10 Bullhead City, AZ
11 Kingman, AZ
16 Flagstaff, AZ
24 Cortez, CO
26 Durango, CO
31 Alamosa, CO
33 Walsenburg, CO
35 La Junta, CO
37 Lamar, CO
44 Great Bend, KS
46 McPherson, KS
49 Emporia, KS
54 Sedalia, MO
56 Columbia, MO
57 Mexico, MO
61 Jacksonville, IL
62 Springfield, IL
63 Clinton, IL
67 Lafayette, IN
68 Logansport, IN
70 Huntington and Fort Wayne, IN
73 Findlay and Fostoria, OH
76 Elyria and Cleveland, OH
77 Mentor, OH
79 Erie, PA
82 Buffalo, NY
87 Syracuse, NY
88 Utica, NY
90 Johnstown, NY
91 Saratoga Springs, NY
94 Claremont, NY
97 Sanford, ME
98 Portland and Brunswick, ME
100 Rockland, ME
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9 Responses to My Route

  1. Matt Alsup says:

    I hope your journey is going we’ll so far! I would love to run with you for a bit when you are in or near Clinton, IL.

  2. Ashley Carley says:

    I love that you’re doing this and I was even more excited to see that you’re running through Kingman, AZ! I live in Kingman and I’d love to cheer you on! Where in town will you be running and around what time do you think you will be running through?

    • projectgump says:

      I should be there Tuesday and Wednesday of next week! I’m planning on finishing off Tuesday on Beale and Andy devine which would be around 1 or 2 and then leaving Wednesday morning on Andy devine around 6:30 or 7. I’d love to see you out there!

      • projectgump says:

        Actually, I’m a bit ahead of schedule now so i think I’m gonna push on the next few days and get there a day earlier than i had planned so move everything I said up by 24 hours.

  3. Danielle says:

    This is awesome. I have been watching this movie for years and can quote every word.. Also being a runner, this just is perfect. Too bad I’m in Wisconsin and not an amazing runner like you, but hope it all goes well! How awesome!

  4. Mike Dudley says:

    That’s awesome! But, no Grandfather Mountain in NC?

  5. Laura says:

    This is a great way to spread the word – I met someone while I was in Banff that ran across Canada to raise awareness/funds for physical education for children – amazing accomplishment – be safe and best of luck on your journey – you will affect change in many ways!

  6. Chuck Ticknor says:

    Waiting for you to get close to Pa. A group of us old guys will drive to see you. cheers

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